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Metrics for Mindset + Wins + All the Feels

Download the template for Mindset + Wins + All the Feels Metrics

Welcome to Measure the Metrics that Matter™, for your mindset and for your wins and all the feels! 

Now, if you think that how we’re feeling and what we’re thinking is something that is intangible, it is, but we can make it tangible and we can make it quantifiable. 

Doctors and science are proving that we can do this. So why don’t we do this ourselves? 

For some context – the reference to science and doctors – they measure anxiety through assessments, which then takes how people are feeling and turns it into a quantifiable number that has value and can determine on a scale how someone is doing. So they do this for general anxiety, they do this for public speaking anxiety. And it gives them a way to look at something tangible, and then you can see how extreme things are, and then see how you can move that in the progress you’re making. 

So we’ve got some really fun ones here, where we’re measuring them with emojis. So tie the feelings, the emotions, where your mindset would be with an emoji, and rank it. The formulas will calculate the emojis and give you an average as well. Then if you update this at different dates in different intervals, you can see where things are shifting. 

It’s really not something that you have to measure and track over time, like, Oh, I was this much happier. It’s just a way to check in because sometimes we’re so busy with our businesses that we forget to be like, Oh, am I feeling fulfilled? Is this feeling in alignment? Am I feeling confident? And so to really just pause and drill down a bit into those things is very valuable because then we can check in with ourselves, check ourselves before we wreck ourselves. 

Now list the wins that you’ve had. So if you’re doing this for the last month or the last three months, put down your wins, celebrate yourself, and also focus on the lessons learned. We have no failures, it’s just about the lessons that we learn. And sometimes even from a win, there’s a lesson that we’ve learned about how to repeat that win or repeat that great feeling that we have. 

So make your intangible feelings and thoughts and mindset something that’s tangible, pause and reflect in the moment, and then dive into your wins and your lessons learned and reflect back on these. 

Then over time, your wins will become something that becomes a scrapbook of feel-good that you can look back on. And sometimes your lessons learned are something that you don’t want to look at and that’s okay. Or looking back on your lessons learned over a continued period of time maybe you’ll be like, “oh, yeah, I was able to make progress” or “oh, yeah, I was able to make progress on that one” or “oh, that one’s still coming up. I should dive back deeper into that.” 

These are all things that we spent off but really right now just kind of check-in on yourself. Check-in and celebrate yourself with wins and reflect on your lessons learned.