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Download template for Marketing Metrics

Welcome to measure the metrics that matter for your marketing! 

Marketing sometimes can be very emotional for us because we feel so much of our self worth is tied to the number of followers we have on social media, the number of subscribers we have to our email list. We can also feel very triggered when we see people unfollowing us or when people unsubscribe from our newsletter. And if we are, you know, tracking the metrics and insights that we get from our platforms, we can be very emotional about how well our hashtags perform. But this is something that is so valuable if we can detach our emotions from them, and our ego from them. And instead of having our marketing numbers be a vanity metric, we can have them be a valuable metric. 

When we are looking at the tracke what we want to know is how many followers or subscribers we have, as long as you are able to neutrally put it in. 

So for the social media platforms that you’re using that you want to be a lead source, you want to be strategic about in your business development, fill these in, if one of your social platforms is strictly personal, then don’t enter that. 

We want to know about the number of followers that we have. We also want to know about content and what those followers and subscribers are enjoying. 

So first, put down the numbers for where you’re at today.  And then you can look back at this in a month or in three months, I advise not going longer than three months. And just see what these shifts are and stay really neutral. Because sometimes a plateaued number of subscribers or followers is a good thing if they’re engaged. But it’s just to understand what’s going on there. 

It is also good to look at these because we can have different goals with business. Sometimes we are in an audience growing stage. Sometimes we are in a revenue building stage. 

With revenue, we’re more concerned about quality, and an audience. We’re concerned about quality and alignment and people that we have genuine connections with. But we also are concerned about having more people that could become potential clients which can be audience building. See what they are here? 

If you’re in an audience-building phase, and you want to grow your email list, then you do want to see that number trending upward. 

If you are trying to grow your social media platforms, because you want to put ads out, then you want to do something and keep tracking, make sure those numbers are going up. 

But also know that sometimes a plateaued number can be a highly engaged audience, if that may be what your focus is. 

So it’s like I said, don’t have any charge here. Don’t allow yourself to be triggered. And just understand what you’re looking for when you’re looking at those numbers. 

And then best performing content. Look at your content and maybe you went on stories, maybe you went live, maybe it was content that was published through a newsletter or from your social media platforms. And if you got a lot of DMs, if you got a lot of likes, a lot of saves, a lot of shares, whatever that is, note ‘this post on this day’ and link to it or ‘this newsletter’ and link to it. Because down the road, when you want to repurpose content, it is always good to know what your audience loves before because chances are they’ll love it again. 

And then you’ll even have a new audience, probably just to have a look at it. And you can also branch off – if you’re like, Oh, I created this as a newsletter. 

And it was really popular and people were responding to me, or I talked about this on stories. 

And it was really popular in terms of reactions, and people in my DMs and maybe I should do a blog on that maybe I should do a newsletter on that. 

So this just really helps you not have to always start from square one with your marketing material. And it also allows you to repurpose popular content that really resonated with your audience. 

We are concerned about the numbers that you have for subscribers and followers or connections. But we want to know why that is. And we have to remember that when people unfollow us or they unsubscribe, that allows our engagement number to grow. And we are more focused on connections and relationships than just the vanity metrics.

Then your best performing content. That’s a great place to start with understanding your marketing metrics. And I look forward to seeing what you learn here and I’d also love to hear what your best performing content is.