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Congratulations! You’ve Measured the Metrics that Matter

Congratulations on completing Measure the Metrics that Matter™ – I am so proud of you! 

I see you for all the effort that you put in to learn more about these, track them, and think about how you can apply them with the decisions that you’re making right now in your business and you ‘ll make in the future.

I also hope that you gained a very deep understanding of how this is foundational. This is where you start. And that you don’t have to do them all the time, or all of them all at once. Depending on your season stage of business, what your goals are, what you have capacity for, you might only pick certain metrics to track at certain times in your business. Or you might start with just a few metrics, and then stack and build and stack, adding more on it as you have the capacity or as you need to. 

I also hope that you feel very confident to look at things more objectively to understand when something is ego-related and feels like a vanity metric, qnd where the actual value is even with something that can seem like a vanity metric can be very valuable to you. 

I hope that you feel more confident that you can review these things on your own and start to make decisions and understand that celebration, that how we’re thinking and feeling is also important to track in our business, because it’s all about having more information so that we can be more informed and more intentional about how we move forward in our business. 

Of course, we can take all of the metrics that we learned about and build upon them or start pulling them together to understand different things. Or maybe you have something like a launch or you have a sales process or an ad spend and then you want to start dissecting those different pieces to really understand the individual parts of what’s going on. That’s great too. It all comes together once you have this foundational knowledge so I am here for you, you can always send me a message and connect and I look forward to hearing about what was most valuable to you and how you use these to go forward.