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Metrics for Business Operations

Download template for Business Operations Metrics

Welcome to measure the metrics that matter for your business operations, biz ops, whatever you want to call it! 

Now, business operations tends to be the unsexy side of business. But it’s crucial. It’s the foundation. It’s the structure. It’s really what creates that sustainability and that scalability and supports growth. 

And because business operations tend to be unsexy, it can feel like the mundane unless you’re like me, and you’re very passionate about it. It can feel just like the grind that you have to put in to get certain results or have a certain peace of mind in your business. But it’s super crucial. We often overlook how much we actually achieve with it.

There are just a few metrics here that are really simple, but powerful to track in your business, and can become helpful when you are looking back. 

One of them is, how many team members do you have? This does not mean employees, these can be people that are on a retainer or somebody that you always have edit your regular podcast episodes. 

Similar, track how many contractors you’ve interacted with, because a contractor might be a photographer that did a branch shoot, it might be a website designer, we’re trying to get an idea of how many people has your business brought in to support it, and also how many other small businesses you’re able to support – there can be two ways that are really positive to frame those numbers. And sometimes we forget that impact that we’ve had on our business by bringing other people in to support us. 

And then the other one is to list out the systems that you’ve implemented – new technology that you started, the processes that have been documented, projects that have been completed. These are the things that we can so often forget, and we can look back and be like, “wow, I added this great new tool. And I started this system. And I completed this big project while I completed two big projects.” 

This can be really great for understanding the momentum that we’re building in our business. Something that we don’t really pay attention to and register as much of a win and see how far your business has come.